Stovatec About Stovatec

About Stovatec

The company “Christian Stoll Industrielackierung” was founded in 1989 and became “Stovatec GmbH” (Stoll-Vakuum-Technologie) in 1993.

Due to the increased demand for logistics capacities and production space, the company moved to a new building at the same time.

Stovatec today

Today, Stovatec Oberflächenveredelungs GmbH is a renowned company with a considerably growing service portfolio and the necessary expertise to meet the high demands of the industry.

Our philosophy

“Your success is our most valuable reference” is our company’s maxim which guides our daily thoughts and actions. Consistent quality, reliable delivery, flexibility and collaboration with renowned suppliers who follow the same ideals form the cornerstone for a long-lasting successful cooperation. In addition, we put great importance on employee satisfaction that is reflected in a harmonious working atmosphere. We consider this indispensable for a smooth production process.







Efficient and cost-effective coating of mass-produced small parts with drum coating.

State-of-the-art plant technology enables the realisation of homogeneous surfaces in reproducible process sequences and ensures the consistent quality of your products.



The effect coating of items such as ballpoint pens, furniture handles, shoe eyelets, cosmetic articles as well as the painting of toys, screws and various other mass-produced small parts can be used with an extensive assortment of colour variations according to RAL, Pantone, NCS or other colour guides.


The methods of bonded coating of elastomers, springs or other components where a reduction of friction or noise is desired, anti-corrosion coating, and painting for identification to prevent confusion during assembly can be adapted and implemented according to your expectations and ideas.



Quality awareness, flexibility and reliability make us a competitive company that can look back on many years of cooperation with high-ranking companies from a wide variety of industrial sectors.


Quality awareness

In addition to recording everyday test processes for colour tone, gloss level, layer thickness and adhesion, the compilation of initial sample test reports is part of the obligatory range of tasks of our quality assurance. The qualitative demands of the industry are subject to constant growth, which is why the development of adequate solutions to increase the quality of our products is an integral part of our corporate strategy.