Stovatec Drum Coating / Hot Air Drum Coating

Drum Coating / Hot Air Drum Coating

Overview of drum coating

Rotary drum coating technology can be used for the coating of mass-produced small parts made of plastic, wood and metal in batch sizes of up to 25,000 pieces, in a wide variety of functions and colours.

Significantly lower labour costs, no additional cost for the construction of object mounts and an extremely efficient coating application process allow for unbeatable prices. The enormous reduction of overspray and the use of resistant and environmentally friendly paint systems create an ecologically harmless emission level.


Efficient and cost-effective coating of small mass-produced parts with drum coating

State-of-the-art plant technology enables the realisation of homogeneous surfaces in reproducible process sequences and ensures the consistent quality of your products.


Trommellackierung Heißtrommellackierung Anlage





The effect coating of items such as ballpoint pens, furniture handles, shoe eyelets, cosmetic articles as well as the painting of toys, screws and various other mass-produced small parts can be used with an extensive assortment of colour variations according to RAL, Pantone, NCS or other colour guides.



The methods of bonded coating of elastomers, springs or other components where a reduction of friction or noise is desired, anti-corrosion coating, and painting for identification to prevent confusion during assembly can be adapted and implemented according to your expectations and ideas.



Coating process in a rotary drum coating machine




Examples of finished products