• Wet Coating


    We employ production painting with one and two component paint systems on a water and solvent basis while taking the functional and decorative requirements into account. This method has been part of our core competence for over two decades.

    Three automatic coating machines enable us to automate production painting for a wide variety of components up to a maximum length of 1000mm and a diameter of 300mm. Painted parts with complex geometry are rotated during the process, warranting circumferential coating.


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    The material and texture of the surface have a decisive influence on the quality of the coating. We are happy to assist you in the development of the design of your product, coordinating the colour, gloss level, touch, and other functional properties to suit your needs.


    Examples of usage




    The list of decorative applications in the field of wet painting is endless. Starting from the metallic effect painting (anodized look) of light switches and socket frames for the electrical industry, piano black applications in the consumer electronics sector, painting of fine-mesh perforated plates in the automotive industry, up to the application of food-compatible paint systems in the household or white goods sector, there is a vast variety of paint systems that are available and can be adapted and implemented according to the needs of your customers.


    • Metallic effect coating
      Light switches and sockets
    • Piano lacquer applications
      Consumer electronics
    • Painting of fine mesh perforated plates:
    • Food-safe paint
      Household goods / White goods


    We offer functional coatings such as antibacterial paints for use in the medical field, soft touch paints for switches, buttons and handles and anti-fingerprint coatings for high-gloss surfaces. Also of interest are our shielding paints for EMC in the electrical industry or corrosion protection for various steel components or sheet metal.


    • Antibacterial coatings
      Medical technology
    • Soft feel paint
      Switches, buttons, handles
    • Anti-fingerprint coating
      High-gloss finishes
    • Shielding varnishes for EMC
      Electrical industry
    • Corrosion protection
      Various steel components, sheet metal



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