• Consulting

    An enormous amount of savings potential can be lost in the process of planning and design due to lack of communication with suppliers regarding painting and coating at an early stage.

    Often pre-existent marginal changes in the geometry and surface finish of the affected components make it possible to switch to more economical application processes.

    We can offer you free, routine advice and assistance in all areas of surface coating, from design to series production and beyond.


    Would you like an initial sample and simultaneously get an impression of the quality of our work? Whether RAL, Pantone, NCS or customer-specific colour specifications, we adapt the colour tone, gloss level and haptics to your requirements in every nuance – taking your individual requirements and standard conformities into account, of course.

    It’s quick, uncomplicated and free of charge!


    Objekträger und Maskierungen

    Object mounts and masking

    The design and manufacture of object mounts and masking used for items to be coated is often associated with high costs.

    We can accomplish this using our in-house locksmith, a non-profit service, in order to offer our customers an additional economic advantage.

    We have competent and fast-acting suppliers at our side for the realisation of customised maskings and object mounts, as well as for components with complex geometry.


    Assembly, packaging and commission

    If you wish, we can carry out the assembly of individual components of your painted goods, handle the procurement of packaging materials, labelling and commissioning of your goods.

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