• Coating of Mass-Produced Small Parts


    On a total of four state-of-the-art and fully automated drum coating lines, we continuously coat several hundred million components per year in two-shift operation.

    The latest systems technology and many years of experience in the field of coating mass-produced small parts allow us to create homogeneous surfaces in reproducible process sequences and ensure a consistent high quality of your products.

    Upon your request, we can check the small parts in your product portfolio for the possibility of employing the more economical drum coating process.


    Advantages & Benefits

    A significantly lower share of labour costs, no additional cost for the construction of object mounts, an extremely efficient coating application plus the low level of energy and cleaning costs allow for unbeatable prices. Bulk material handling also helps to optimize cost-efficiency through savings in packaging and commission. In addition to low energy use and a marginal amount of overspray, the use of water-based paint maintains low emission levels.

    More about drum coating


    The effect coating of items such as ballpoint pens, furniture handles, shoe eyelets, cosmetic articles as well as the painting of toys, screws and various other mass-produced small parts can be used with an extensive assortment of colour variations according to RAL, Pantone, NCS or other colour guides.



    The methods of bonded coating of elastomers, springs or other components where a reduction of friction or noise is desired, anti-corrosion coating, and painting for identification to prevent confusion during assembly can be adapted and implemented according to your expectations and ideas.



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